How to Become PCI-DSS Compliant

As you can see, the cyber and phishing attacks are increasing day by day, so you may be concerned about protecting your business from malicious hackers. The solution is straightforward; you have to step forward in PCI Compliance. Are you aware of PCI-DSS compliant terms and how your business becomes PCI-DSS compliant?

What is PCI-DSS Compliant?

PCI –DSS stands for (Payment Card Industry- Data Security Standard) Compliant. In this, the companies or industries have to stick in order to process the information about the payment online. It is a standard that is created by the PCI standard security council. The main motive of this standard is to provide protection and control over the consumer’s debit/credit card data and minimize credit card fraud.

How to become PCI-DSS Compliant

After reading the above-described definition of PCI-DSS, you got it, but if you have made your mind to become a PCI-DSS compliant, then you have to follow some steps, which are described below.

Step 1: Determine PCI level

First, you have to analyze your organization level if you process above six million transactions per year, then you are designated under level 1. If you process between 1 million to 6 million in a year, you are designated in level 2. If you process 20,000 to 1 million, then you come under level 3, and below this comes in level 4.

Step 2: Understand the penalties

There are some rules or penalties defined to meet PCI-DSS standards, it sets a few rules for security that are different from conventional law, and you need to follow this. This includes processing infrastructure, credit card payment eviction, fines, the sanction of banks, and increased fees.

Step 3: Complete self-assessment questions

On the official website of PCI-DSS, you have to apply for questionnaires for your business. The questions are different according to the type of business to ensure that your business is valuable to meet the PCI standard. You have to answer the given questions in “yes or no.” The question which you have responded to “no” will be red-flagged. Apart from this, take some actions to get aligned.

Step 4: Build or Maintain a Secure Network

You have to hire a professional and reputed information technology contractor to protect consumers or cardholders’ data by building and maintaining a secure network. Add high-security firewalls and network security. If you create your own network to store consumers’ data could be risky.

Step 5: Fill formal attestation and file paperwork.

You have to fill a formal attestation of compliance, which is a compliance report or self-assessment questionnaire, to confirm the result of the PCI-DSS assessment. Overall we can say that you have all the paperwork to verify the PCI compliance. 

Therefore, if you want to become PCI-DSS compliant, then you have to follow the above-described steps. The process of becoming a PCI-DSS compliant is quite complex, but it is essential for your business. If you want to provide a safeguard to your business like; guard customer data, future proof business, reputation, and protection at the same time, then apply for it as soon as possible.

Benefits of using Stripe as a Payment Gateway

Stripe is the most trending and hottest payment processor on the block; many other options are available in marketing for payment gateway like; PayPal. But, do you know, “why stripe payment gateway is better than other payment gateways?” The answer is very simple, the benefits of using Stripe as a payment gateway are multiple, and it is also a trusted brand of processing payment on the web.

benefits of using stripe as a payment gateway

Here we are conducting some necessary information on the basis of deep analysis that will show you why Stripe is best all over the payment gateways.

Benefits of using Stripe as a payment gateway

Those who are looking for information about, Why do I choose a stripe payment gateway? What are the advantages of using Stripe as a payment gateway? Here we are going to discuss a little plenty of information about this.


Security is the most common and popular feature that gives a huge advantage to its consumers, whether it is a customer or business owner. Through this, you can store your cards in your vault, and it is an automatic process. It will also prevent an unauthorized person from accessing sensitive data, as considering this primary security concern, it is very beneficial for payment transactions, on both ends.


For managing your business transactions, you need to build and implement a payment gateway source to make your business payment process smoother and convenient. For setting up this whole process, you need to invest in a payment gateway business model. Stripe gives you the lowest and customizes cost option that varies according to volume, transaction size, and feature. So you can minimize your cost by using the Stripe instead of using others.

Customer service

In terms of providing customer support, Stripe is one of the best payment gateways. Stripe gives open customer support for their consumers in the form of e-mail, calling, and chat. If the developer faces any issue while using this, they can get live help instantly, and the customers who are facing any problem in case of transaction failure can get customer support from Stripe. Stripe is also launched 24*7 live calling and chat support for their consumers so that customers will get a better response.

Data portability

Stripe gives a valuable benefit in terms of data portability. When you are using Stripe, it provides you high security and better manageability of all consumer’s data. But, in case if you are planning to quit this platform, then they will also help you in migrating your data, in a PCI compliant and secure way. Like other platforms, you won’t be kept or locked in forever. So, it gives great refreshing support on your choice. If you decide to go, then you can leave quickly by using its data portability feature.

So, these are the common benefits of using Stripe as a payment gateway that gives you more flexibility and independence for managing the payments and transactions for your business more than any other payment gateway platform. Its multiple advantages make Stripe the best payment gateway.

Top 5 SaaS Subscription Billing software

Subscription billing software is gaining popularity very fast since it has come into existence because of its multiple feature quality. Subscription billing software is used to manage subscription-based products and services of recurring billing based companies or organizations. Many of the Saas billing software companies try to increase its workability and features by calculating its metrics.

To prepare your journey in the market, by using subscription software, it is very important to analyze its current market trend. You need to be aware of what kind of SaaS subscription billing software is trending in the market, including its metrics, features, drawbacks, cost, efficiency, and many more.

Here are the top 5 SaaS billing software:


Payvoice has fully-featured Subscription billing & Management software that offers subscription and recurring in one place. It is the most usable platform for startup businesses and end to end solution designs for windows.

  • It allows its users to manage their subscriptions without using any coding.
  • It supports managing all customer data in one place and allows a complete team to handle all subscriptions.
  • It offers multiple subscription plans, and you can choose which is best for you.


Nothing is better than Braintree software if you are looking for API Coupled software. Its most valuable feature is, it is easy to manage and available at a reasonable price.

  • It supports payment service on an international level for businesses over the globe.
  • It allows for cards to be recharged or refunded without getting bogged down.
  • It allows us to store the card data directly on a merchant system, and this data will be placed on a secure server.


It is also essential software of the SaaS Billing payment platform. This software is useable for various services like; managing subscriptions, applying coupons, and daily billing operations.

  • It can run multiple marketing plans with coupons.
  • In customer service portals of businesses, it offers the availability of self-service.
  • It provides a feature of handling and creating various subscription plans on a single platform.


Pabbly is one of the most popular Subscription management software that mainly supports Affiliate marketing. Its popularity is that it is affordable for every small to large business.

  • It supports unlimited and branded invoice creation services.
  • It does not charge any transaction fees, and also supports more than 25+ cornices.
  • In case of payment failed, it sends reminder emails automatically to recover sales.


Stripe is one of the best billing software platforms and handling billions of dollars in business around the globe. Its service is mainly for those industries that are running an internet business.

  • It is super easy to use and integrate.
  • It has a very simple pricing structure; it is between 2.9 percent plus 30 cents per transaction.
  • It doesn’t charge any setup fee and storage fee.

These are the top 5 Saas subscription billing software that most importantly frees you up to focus on the real key points to improve customer lifetime value and experience. These also ensure that you are set up for success and don’t need to replace your current SaaS software. So, now go ahead by making your choice out of these.

What is the benefit of billing software?

The transaction of money is a significant thing for every business. But you don’t need to worry because you don’t need to invest all of your energy in managing solicitations. So we can say that it is uplifting news for you. Many organizations still depend on the traditional method of billings, payments, and transactions.

Invoicing software is the latest and most popular approach to deal with capital and holding clients for your business. Solicit software increases the efficiency of your business. You can use chase payment software in many different ways, like getting invoices quickly, faster payment transfer from clients to your company and industry to clients.

For growing your business faster, the needs of billing software become important day by day. Investing in billing software is a sound investment because it makes your business more reliable. No matter what type of business you are operating, whether it is related to medical, entertainment, economics, e-commerce, lawn, Gym, restaurants, media in every field of chase software, make your business more versatile with smooth cash transactions.

Read the following benefits of using online Billing Software:

Everybody wants the receipt application system to be very fast and making the demand application is playing a master role to implement this approach. The faster billing approach put a positive impact on your business. Here are a few benefits of Online invoicing software that describe why it is so much important.

Minimize Administration:

The automatically finding errors and compelling features of billing software help in minimizing the load on the administrator. Its automatic problem-solving approach effectively manages, automates, and systematizes the invoicing process. Due to its automatic issues resolving approach you require less staff, less working equipment and it will help you in saving money so that you can invest this money in other areas.

All in one Site:

In this Software, you see everything you want in one location. You don’t require visiting any other software or site for collecting, storing, searching pay voice data. If you find your entire required things in one place, so stop looking for further options. All that you need to be done is here.

Fast Invoice Creating Process:

Invoice is a system in which all the details about the products or services which are bought and sold by buyers and sellers. It is a kind of documentation of products and goods cost as proof. Buyers, as well as the sellers, both of the point view invoice, is a necessary process. Billing software is a program that helps you in generating and creating invoices quickly and which reduces your cost and time.

Brutalize Communications:

Big organizations have to manage vast invoices, payments, and transaction data. According to every customer payment details, you have to send them notifications, payment reminders, money transaction messages, notices, and much more. Invoicing software programs automatically perform all these actions according to the current status of the customer. You have to call the action of commands, and it’s automatically stimulated and manages the payment-related tasks. Some advanced billing systems not only only distribute the functions but also perform automatically advanced follow up processes under the defined rules and regulation.

Receive Payment Online:

Online Billing Portal enables you to make payment securely and quickly because, during this process, you have to send payment links and options on mail online. With the online way of transfer payment, you can make sure your customer by sending them a confirmation link on the mail, and after confirmation, you can release the transaction. So we can say that we efficiently receive payment and its bills on the online medium for security purposes in every organization.

So, the overall conclusion is that your online recurring billing software system gives you authenticated, responsive, easily maintained, faster payment methods. It gives you the best analytical and analyzing report creation and metrics. This method is tremendously helping incapable of cooperative needs to grow business faster. Above mentioned, all points definitely will help you in understanding why invoice software systems are essential for every organization.

Top SaaS Billing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Those who are using SaaS (software as a Service) sometimes they would find some issues while they are making payment. Those who are regular customers might be aware of it already. But those who are not can find here all the necessary details of SaaS Billing Challenges which you are facing during the payment and also know how to overcome them.

Here are the Top SaaS Billing Challenges and its solutions You must Know:

Management of Customers:

In Subscription Billing Business, there is a massive number of customers, and it isn’t straightforward to manage single data of every customer on paper. So there is a problem that arises.

A proper recurring Billing and Subscription Management system is the practical solution for this problem by doing categorization, signups, and other methods.

Billing reiteration:

The software might not be able to manage user-based reiteration, Clients, and payments, so this is also a problem you can face.

For this, you have to use software that would be able to handle all details of payment daily, monthly, and annually basis.

Security of payment:

While you are working making online payments from your accounts, then there are chances of losing your money by using insecure payment software. So Security is the most important key point for the customers or clients.

So to overcome this problem, the customers must ensure that their credit cards, debits cards will be handled securely. And the second thing is that the web server or web browser, which is using by customers, is highly secure. And also use PCI Solution if any problem would be arising.

Manage Effectively Pricing Plan:

SaaS companies offer multiple and different types of pricing plans for their customers. And each program has its features. 

So here is a problem arising from complexity because there are many realities of plans.

So now, there is a solution also offered by Saas billing Software to resolve this issue by using recurring billing software. It will help you to change the prices easily according to your interests. It also shows you many and multiple tiers of plans, or we can say that this issue is not always impacting you because there are different plans. Hence, it is affordable for users to purchase it according to their budget and interest.

So all are the issues mentioned above that occur commonly. And this is the main reason why many startups and SaaS delivery companies are looking for recurring billing solutions to overcome these all problems.

Benefits of Subscription Management Software for Small IT Business

How many times have you ever lost a client because of the inability to provide them with automation? Must be at once especially if you’re operating a subscription company.

We understand how excruciating the encounter gets when you eliminate a client understanding that you cannot meet their requirements.

Contemplating such condition as well as the market scenarios subscription management software functions as the ultimate fit for IT businesses who have got zero or no hope whatsoever when it comes to exceptional subscription management software for IT Businesses.

Be it charging or invoicing, processing a number of payments, handling multifaceted subscription programs, managing bulks of late payments or creating specified analytical reports.

We’ve made it covered for you. Listed here are a few of the numerous features offered by subscription management applications so as to bring down simplicity in their enterprise and subscription procedure.

Deal Management

Nowadays’ companies also look out for just how well the program enables them to tailor their sales pipeline based on total sales plan, and how nicely the subscription management applications supports them in shifting prices via that earnings pipeline in various accounts.

Subscription Management

Another place covered by subscription management software is how skillfully the program manages multiple subscription balances involving multiple segments, areas, and hierarchal companies within one account particularly if they’re dispersed in a variety of places and managed by multiple agents.

Operation Management

One of the significant deliberation for companies is how hassle-free and calm it is for their sales staff and sales managers to use the subscription management software in order to find the data they need so they can make their decisions based on it, and plan their own actions according to their overall sales plan.

With the help of subscription management applications, you can achieve ease of functionality while handling subscriptions concurrently.

What is Stripe Billing and its Benefits for Business?

Stripe’s elegant abstractions simplify adding or altering payment & billing models. Additionally, you get a strong interface to check and roll out new pricing readily. Bill your clients with one-off statements or automatically on a recurring basis. Proceed with assistance for different payment procedures. In 2017, Stripe’s retrieval tools decreased payment declines for consumers by 45 percent on average and raised earnings by 10 percent normally.

The Stripe Billing API is simple to incorporate into existing sites, mobile programs, as well as CRM systems. Programmers can utilize out-of-the-box functionality to begin fast or utilize our compostable API building blocks to design completely customized subscription logic and pricing models.

Some of the Benefits of using Stripe Billing

  1. Global Payments: Accept any supported payment method with Stripe’s unified API–no one-off integrations or separate contracts required.
  2. PSD2 compliance: PSD2 law demands European clients to supply Strong Client Authentication–or SCA–for many subscription and invoice payments. Stripe Billing helps safeguard your earnings by identifying which charges require SCA and triggering authentication if demanded –with as little friction as possible.
  3. Seamless Invoicing and Reconciliation: Stripe Billing enables you to send statements with built-in support for debit and credit cards. The hosted invoice page finds which card payments require SCA and applies 3D Secure if demanded.
  4. Customizable Invoices: Tailor invoices to coordinate with your brand, configure templates to show crucial customer and product information, and apply inclusive or exclusive tax rates for various locales.
  5. INVOICES, HOSTED BY STRIPE: Send recurring invoices for vouchers or one-off invoices in a couple of clicks. Get your invoices paid faster by accepting debit and credit card payments, and configure email reminders for invoices that are overdue.

Stripe Partners like Payvoice makes it easy for businesses to integrate with Stripe and accept credit card payments with just a few clicks.

About Payvoice

While using Stripe on your website to charge your customers for a product or service, Payvoice handles everything related to Stripe subscription management and invoicing. The Payvoice interface allows you to create embeddable multi-plan subscription pages that you customize quickly. Here are some of the other key features of Payvoice- Stripe Billing Management Platform.

  • Create embeddable multi-plan subscription pages that you can customize quickly.
  • Allow users to manage their subscriptions without any coding.
  • Allow your users to get access to their Stripe customer profiles and manage their subscriptions themselves.
  • Allow your team to manage all your subscriptions and customer data in one place.
  • Add as many users as your team needs to help you manage your subscription plans.
  • Create different pricing pages easily to see what works best for your business.


Does your Business Require Subscription Billing? Find out

know if your business require subscription based billing model

Subscription billing or recurring billing is a payment model where a user pays to a company for their product or service every month or based on a schedule decided by the company.

In recurring billing, a customer will provide the credit card details to the company whose product or service he’s using, and the company will automatically charge the card periodically.

The seller will then withdraw the payment on a standard program until the subscriber’s subscription expires or is cancelled.

How do you know that your business requires a subscription billing payment method?

The subscription version exemplifies this notion, and its popularity has made it among those fastest-growing e-commerce categories. Other vital indications which suggest that your business needs a subscription-based billing model are: –

  • You provide an ongoing service
  • You’ve regular customers
  • Some of your customers miss payments every month
  • You offer a different level of the same product
  • You offer training or educational materials every month

These are some of the indicators that you suggest you should switch to a recurring billing payment model as early as possible. But what benefits you and your customer will get after switching to a subscription billing model instead of the traditional payment method? This is a great question; we’ve covered many reasons how it will benefit both the business and the consumer.

Benefits of Subscription Billing for Businesses

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of Subscription billing payment model and how it can help your business.

Customer Retention & Relationship

Subscription Billing can help to improve relationships with subscribers. When regular monthly recurring income spurs growth, preservation becomes among the most-watched metrics in an organization, and membership management makes a stronger concentrate.

Payment Gateway Options

A recurring billing payment model brings you numerous online payment gateway options to choose from. It helps in bringing you the flexibleness of choosing the very best and the most economical payment support systems or gateways.

Increase Usability & Efficiency

Subscription billing software is simple to corporate within a company’s or an organization’s payment gateways, e-commerce platforms, and any additional that may be employed.

Benefits of Subscription Billing for Consumers

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of Subscription billing payment model and how it can help your consumers.


For customers, with subscription billing management, they do not have to make a repetitive buy for the same product every month. Subscription management software saves the effort & time of reminding the customer of monthly payments and urges them to fill up all the details again.

Secure Information

With recurring billing payment model, a business can safely manage their client’s data, in addition to decreasing the duplication and flow of sensitive info and preventing different kinds of employee error.

Custom Billing Options

A business can have complete control over the charging cycles. It will provide your customers with flexible monthly, weekly, or yearly payments options.

Try Payvoice

Payvoice makes it easy to create beautiful subscription portals from Stripe products and plans. Payvoice syncs with your Stripe products and plans and allows you to create beautiful subscription portals from any number of those plans. It will also enable your sales team to manage Stripe’s subscription billing from outside Stripe.

How to Choose the Right SaaS Pricing Model

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a significantly popular service model for several business applications. It is a way of offering Software solutions to the end-user through the web. SaaS can provide excellent opportunities for most businesses and most startups, generally in pricing and versatility.

In contrast to regular Software, clients using your SaaS products pay for it regularly i.e. recurring payment. One of the essential benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) is that you have the option to think in a different way about the product’s pricing model.

In this article, we are going to show you how to choose a pricing model for your SaaS business.

Flat Fee Pricing

Flat fee pricing is a SaaS pricing model where a business charges a fixed or decided rate for a product rather than charging by the hrs or use of a product or service. Providing a single product at a single price makes it easier to concentrate on product sales and marketing upon selling a unique, evidently-described offer.

Tiered Pricing Model

A tiered pricing model in SaaS is a pricing model where a business sells its products or services in an individual selling price range. With Tiered pricing, the first ten units would cost, say, $5 each. The next 21-30 units would cost $4 each, and the following 31-40 units would cost $3 each. This is also a popular pricing strategy used by many SaaS providers because it offers several pricing options for a product.

Feature Based Pricing Model

As the name suggests, Feature-Based Pricing Model in SaaS refers to users paying for features, the more you spend, the more features you’ll get. This model is also one of the most popular pricing models among many SaaS providers because it is easy for vendors to create a feature-based pricing model, and consumers also know it.

Pay per user aka Per user pricing

In SaaS, per-user pricing is a pricing model where a user is charged differently for every product it uses. It is one of the most controversial pricing models in SaaS, and it is said that the per-user pricing model kills your monthly active users metric and sets you up for a long term failure.

Other SaaS Pricing Models Include: –

  • Storage Pricing: Web Hosting, RDP’s, and Cloud storage companies use this pricing model. The pricing depends on the amount of storage you are going to consume.
  • Active User Pricing: In this model, only pay for the users who use the Software; it doesn’t matter how many users you pay for.
  • Pay as you go: You are charged based on the usage of a particular service. AWS uses this pricing model.
  • Freemium: A freemium pricing model in Saas refers to Software, service, or product which is free to use but is limited, and to get more features; you need to pay for additional packages. Slack and Evernote are some of the examples.

Pricing is one of the significant issues among the SaaS business model. If you are a SaaS owner and want to improve your pricing, revenue, and profit, then you can check out Payvoice – The Best Subscription Management and Recurring Billing Software.Payvoice makes it easy to create beautiful subscription portals from Stripe products and plans. Payvoice syncs with your Stripe products and plans and allows you to create beautiful subscription portals from any number of those plans. It will also enable your sales team to manage Stripe’s subscription billing from outside Stripe.

Top Benefits of Subscription Management Software for your Business

Subscription management is the process of managing and controlling all facets of products and services offered repeatedly by using a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or perhaps yearly subscription-based pricing model. Subscription management software ensures you maintain every record of the customer lifecycle, including managing trials, adding subscriptions, processing credit card payments, create invoices, and more.

Recurring billing & subscription management software can assist many SaaS companies to get better revenue during marketing strategies involving discount rates, vouchers, or perhaps offering free trials to new users and can aid organizations in controlling regular frauds in their subscribers. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of Subscription management software and how it can help your business.

Customer Retention & Relationship

This software program can also help to improve relationships with subscribers. Once customers go back to a company regularly, the link turns into an extended discussion, rather than an underlying transaction. With this relationship, client retention is vital. When regular monthly recurring income spurs growth, preservation becomes among the most-watched metrics in an organization, and membership management makes a stronger concentrate.


Good subscription management software is simple to incorporate within a business’s preexisting repayment gateway(s), web commerce platform answer, financial devices, and some other e-commerce equipment that might be used. The fast and efficient execution of the software program results in quicker ROI.

Payment Gateway Options

A recurring billing software program brings you numerous online payment gateway options to choose from. It helps in bringing you the flexibleness of choosing the very best and the most economical payment support systems or gateways. You can save deal costs employing payment gateways that offer you lower prices.


For customers, with subscription billing management, they do not have to make a repetitive buy for the same product every month. Subscription management software saves the effort & time of reminding the customer of monthly payments and urges them to fill up all the details again.  This process saves a lot of time on a business that can be utilized to boost the productivity level.

If you are looking for subscription management software then Payvoice is the perfect option for you.  Payvoice syncs with your Stripe products and plans and allows you to create beautiful subscription portals from any number of those plans. It will also allow your sales team to manage Stripe’s subscription billing from outside Stripe.

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