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How to Become PCI-DSS Compliant

As you can see, the cyber and phishing attacks are increasing day by day, so you may be concerned about protecting your business from malicious hackers. The solution is straightforward; you have to step forward in PCI Compliance. Are you aware of PCI-DSS compliant terms and how your business becomes PCI-DSS compliant?

What is PCI-DSS Compliant?

PCI –DSS stands for (Payment Card Industry- Data Security Standard) Compliant. In this, the companies or industries have to stick in order to process the information about the payment online. It is a standard that is created by the PCI standard security council. The main motive of this standard is to provide protection and control over the consumer’s debit/credit card data and minimize credit card fraud.

How to become PCI-DSS Compliant

After reading the above-described definition of PCI-DSS, you got it, but if you have made your mind to become a PCI-DSS compliant, then you have to follow some steps, which are described below.

Step 1: Determine PCI level

First, you have to analyze your organization level if you process above six million transactions per year, then you are designated under level 1. If you process between 1 million to 6 million in a year, you are designated in level 2. If you process 20,000 to 1 million, then you come under level 3, and below this comes in level 4.

Step 2: Understand the penalties

There are some rules or penalties defined to meet PCI-DSS standards, it sets a few rules for security that are different from conventional law, and you need to follow this. This includes processing infrastructure, credit card payment eviction, fines, the sanction of banks, and increased fees.

Step 3: Complete self-assessment questions

On the official website of PCI-DSS, you have to apply for questionnaires for your business. The questions are different according to the type of business to ensure that your business is valuable to meet the PCI standard. You have to answer the given questions in “yes or no.” The question which you have responded to “no” will be red-flagged. Apart from this, take some actions to get aligned.

Step 4: Build or Maintain a Secure Network

You have to hire a professional and reputed information technology contractor to protect consumers or cardholders’ data by building and maintaining a secure network. Add high-security firewalls and network security. If you create your own network to store consumers’ data could be risky.

Step 5: Fill formal attestation and file paperwork.

You have to fill a formal attestation of compliance, which is a compliance report or self-assessment questionnaire, to confirm the result of the PCI-DSS assessment. Overall we can say that you have all the paperwork to verify the PCI compliance. 

Therefore, if you want to become PCI-DSS compliant, then you have to follow the above-described steps. The process of becoming a PCI-DSS compliant is quite complex, but it is essential for your business. If you want to provide a safeguard to your business like; guard customer data, future proof business, reputation, and protection at the same time, then apply for it as soon as possible.


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