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Top 5 Payment Gateways for Small business

As you know, in 2020, cashless transactions has replaced by online transactions. At that instance, people are looking for the top 5 payment gateways for small businesses to make the online payment process more simple and easy to manage.

When you start searching for the best payment gateway software, maybe you will easily find those payment gateways, which offer both multiple features and advantages. But remember that you need to choose the best one according to your business needs and requirements.

top 5 payment gateways for small business

Top 5 Payment Gateways for Small business in 2020

If you are running a small business, it becomes quite difficult for you to choose the best payment gateway because multiple options are available in the market. Here we will share the best payment gateway software that is curated by us based on our personal and market experience.


A stripe Payment gateway is the most popular and powerful program which is designed to handle billion dollars worth of transactions annually. It isn’t out of a box solution; that is the main reason it differs from others. Also, it provides you multiple tools to customize your own payment processor.

Topmost popular key features of Stripe

  • Developer tools and Built-in API
  • Tech understanding needed
  • Mobile Payments


PayPal payment gateway is also a popular platform since 1998, and let you make and receive payments worldwide. It provides you services for e-commerce vendors, commercial entities, and for auction sites.

Topmost popular key features of PayPal

  • Customization option
  • Accept all types of major payments
  • Higher price


The Payline payment gateway platform provides a solution to the startup businesses or that business that fortune’s 500 companies and focuses on providing payment experience. Its web solution is designed to integrate with 175 online shopping carts.

Topmost popular key features of Payline

  • Lower monthly fee
  • Mobile app integration
  • Fraud protection and built-in security
  • Transaction cost is partially transparent


An Adyen payment gateway is also a popular platform used by many MNC companies like; Microsoft, eBay, Uber, etc. to handle transactions and business. You can also use it for small businesses; it provides you with a single platform to manage or handle business risks and track results.

Topmost popular key features of Adyen

  • Integrated data-insights
  • Complex pricing structure
  • Used by major and small both firms
  • Works from one platform payment gateway platform, the main aim is to streamline the payment process. It is designed by keeping in mind that it would be able to handle all sizes of business and offer you multiple choice plans. This platform provides you a tool to take payments online and sell items or in person at a store.

Topmost popular key features of

  • Supports wide ranges of currencies
  • Designed for all types of businesses
  • Support for digital providers or credit cards
  • Limited use

The online payment gateway or service center continues to expand, as you can see in 2020, multiple companies are available in the market to deliver payment or transactional services. It isn’t easy to select the best one by seeing premier changing in the landscaping of payment gateways.

We have listed the top 5 Payment gateway options for you for saving money on financial transactions and making the transactional process easier and simple.


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